Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde, photo 2019 by Jörg Braukmann, red circle added by Visit Etretat.

The neo-Gothic style chapel and its hull-shaped nave
refers to the vocation of a place of religion for the sailors of Etretat.

1854 The people of Etretat had the idea to build
a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
1856, August 6 the chapel was blessed as the Fishermen's and Sailors' Chapel.

Beach of Etretat with the original Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde
photo around 1905 by the Seeberger Brothers

View on the originial Chapelle in a picture from 1913 with Coco Chanel

1942 The chapel was destroyed during World War 2.
1950 The chapel was reconstructed
and renamed as "Notre Dame de la Garde".

This chapel is the work of the architect Arthur Giraudet and Mr. Lanfry.
The architecture is different from the original one,
its main caracteristic is its carina-shaped nave.
The frame lined with frieze will recall an environment very familiar to sailors.

1964 were added glas windows from the atelier Degusseau.

View on the Chapelle from the Hotel Castel de la Terrasse

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