Jardins d Etretat - Jardin Impressions photo by Etretat Garden.

Les Jardins d'Étretat is an experimental garden with "living sculptures"
above the cliff in Étretat, Normandy.
The gardens surround a villa that belonged to the actress Madame Thébault,
at the beginning of the 20th century.
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Jardins d'Etretat by Parcs et Jardins.fr

Avenue Damilaville, 76790 Étretat
+33 2 35 27 05 76

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1905, The actress Mrs Thébault became the owner of a Belle Époque villa
built on the Amont cliff in Étretat.
She called the house "Villa Roxelane"
located in a 4000m2 parc.
The landscape architect Auguste Lecanu helped her to arrange the garden.

Claude Monet was a friend of Mrs Thebault
and he came to her garden on may occasions
to paint the cliffs of Etretat.
The painting "Sunset at Etretat" was painted from the property.

A vine scupture in the garden pays homage to Claude Monet.

2017, the Russian architect Alexandre Grivka buys the property with the idea
to open the garden to the public.

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