Beach of Etretat by frères Seeberger 1912

The Seeberger Brothers
Henri, Jules and Louis
were pioneers in Fashion Photography

They came to Normandy to take pictures of the fashionable beaches,
not only Etretat but also Dieppe, Honfleur and Deauville.
Seeberger Pictures of this online Expo by Visit
are all taken on a sunday in the summer around 1912.

Their father came from Bavaria
and emigrated to France after the Kingdom of Bavaria was annexed by Prussia.
1891 The oldest brother Jules Seeberger was the first one to discover photography.
The younhger brothers follow
and they start to become Postcard photographers
in particular for Kunzli and Leopold Verger.
1909 The Seebergers start to become avant-garde fashion photographers.

The Seebergers also worked for Chanel

brothers Henri, Jules and Louis Seeberger around 1900

Beach of Etretat with view on the falaise d'Aval
Claude Monet had contributed to become famous through his paintings
photo by Seeberger Brothers around 1912

Dressed Up little girls on the beach of Etretat on a Sunday
photo by Seeberger Brothers around 1912

On the beach of Etretat with view on the falaise d'Amont
and Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde
photo by Seeberger Brothers around 1912

Fashionistas sitting on Falaise d'Aval
and looking over the Beach of Etretat
photo by Seeberger brothers around 1912

In the 1930 the second generation of the Seebergers
Jean Seeberger and Albert Seeberger start to work for the photo studio.
1977 sadly the Seeberger frères photo studio closes
making an end to a French fashion story.

Seeberger Photography Book by Virginie Chardin
The Books gives an overview to Seeberhger fashion photography
with over 300 images
mostly coming from Paris

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