VB gate of Phone Book of the World.

Visit Etretat.com is edited by Phone book of the World.

contact for visit sites
d "at "vb.com

We love culture
and this gave us the idea to create the
Visit Etretat.com website,
part of a project for several cities.

Editing the Phone Book of the World
we noticed that more and more stae of the art
Tourist Website all around the globe
use the expression "Visit" followed by the name of a city / country
and dot com.

In English
Tourist Offices are called "Visitors Bureau"
Thus the expression "visit"
has turned into an international standard
for Tourist information.

A list of tourist websites using the "visit " and "dot com"
in their URL can be found on

The first Visit website
might be Visit New York.com registered 1996 april 21
soon followed by Visit London.com registered 1998 nov 02

Visit Etretat.com is edited by the Phone Book of the World
based in the old old old Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon.
(RCS Paris B 451 338 792

Our history goes back to the year 1129.
Back in 1671 our house also called VB
was the seat of an "avant garde" communication company
"La Poste" operated by a private postal company.

Horses were carrying letters from Paris to cities as remote as Frankfurt or Venice.
1738 Our first adventure came to an end but
Spirit of Telecommunications remained in the walls of our old old mansion.

1986 A descendend of the old Postmasters came by
and suddenly our falling asleep Telecom Energy started to wake up again
after a long rest of twa and a half centuries
an this right at a moment
Internet started to came alive.

When VB came back to live it was still impossible to find internet access in Paris Hotels.
This brought to our place all kinds of American web-pioneers
travelling thtough the French capital.

One of them was the inventor of dot com.

Jon Postel was fascinated by the long long history of VB
and told us to register iconic domains followed by .com
nothing else ...

more about our Internet history

VisitEtretat.com is a part of the
VB.com domain collection
including visit domains
for a multitude of beautiful cities.

In case you should have a spectacular project for Etretat
adding much more content what we have created
you can contact us
by mail d "at "vb.com

When Internet started to become available in every smart phone
the former Internet Cafe
was converted into a Brand Expo Location
When you come to Paris
visit our Pop Up Stores.

Tourist information sites
about thousands of cities
can be found in the
Phone Book of the World / PBof.com