Etretat by Eugene Le Poittevin 1860

The Impressionist painter Eugene Le Poittevin (1806 - 1870)
lived near Etretat.
He was born and died in Paris .
Le Poittevin had early and lifelong success
as a landscape and maritime painter.
He had studied in the Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts

1831 Le Poittevin discovered Etretat with the paintzr Eugene Isabey.
1851 Le Poittevin built "La Chaufferette" a chalet in Etretat,
next to the house of Guy de Maupassant.
Gustave Courbet came to stay with Le Poittevin

photo of Eugene Le Pottevin by Nadar around 1861

View from the cliff of Amont painted 1842
The painting is in Fecamp in the Musee de le Precherie

Etretat Fishermen painted 1860
The painting is in Fecamp in the Musee de le Precherie

Bathing at Etretat painted 1860
The painting is in Caen in the Association Peindre en Normandie

Les Bains at Etretat painted 1864
The painting includes Guy de Maupassant (red circle)
1865 The painting was aquired by Napoleon III to be in the Palais de l'Eysée
It later belonged to Empress Eugenie who left it to her nephew
2020 the painting was auctioned by Sothebys for 226.800 euro
The painting is in a private colection

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